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The trustee JUDr. Ing. Veronika Škodová offers advisory for creditors in bankruptcy or restructuring. This service is a response to the increasing number of bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings in which were many creditors harmed because of unprofessional legal advisory.

In our practice, we often encounter dissatisfied creditors, whose interest have been considerably damaged with unprofessional legal representation. According to statistics from the Ministry of Justice of the Slovak republic, the number of bankruptcy and restructuring proceedings is still growing not only in Slovakia, but also in Czech republic, Hungary, Poland and other European countries. The trustee JUDr. Ing. Veronika Škodová therefore, offers advisory services for creditors, which includes logging of claims in insolvency and restructuring proceedings, representation at meetings of creditors and creditors' committees, monitoring the implementation of restructuring plans and all acts necessary to effectively protect the clients’ interests.

Errors committed by creditors in insolvency or restructuring proceedings make their claims permanently unrecoverable. Incorrect logging of claims, incorrect calculations, missing the deadlines or any wrong approach causes considerable loss of the influence in bankruptcy or restructuring proceeding, or permanent loss of the opportunity to recover their receivables.

This service is provided to foreign persons, investors or any other creditors from Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and across the EU. We speak English, German, French & Spanish.

This service includes:

  • Preparation of documentation for logging of claims in bankruptcy
  • Representing creditors in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representing creditors in creditors bodies
  • Assistance to creditors and creditor committees in dealing with debtors, other creditors, the bankruptcy or the restructuring trustee
  • Assistance to creditors and creditor committees in negotiations with investors on takeover of the debtor's assets and other conditions.

If you are a creditor in various legal relationships, whether civil or commercial, we offer you a service through which you will successfully protect your property and interests. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

* This service is not provided in case of a possible conflict of interest with the proceedings in which is established JUDr. Ing. Veronika Škodová as restructuring or bankruptcy trustee.

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Restructuring cases in which JUDr. Ing. Veronika Škodová took the role of the restructuring administrator took place under the jurisdiction of the District Court in Banská Bystrica.

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